Saturday, February 9, 2013

Baby Shower Craft - Onesie Making Kits with Iron-on Appliques

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post signatureI'm so excited to now be offering baby shower craft kits in my Etsy shop!  These are onesie-making kits and are a fun crafty activity for a baby shower or for a new parent to enjoy.  I've made two of these so far for customers and am currently working on a third.  If I had had a baby shower, this is totally what I would have wanted to do during mine.  

So what does the baby shower craft kit include?  First of all, it includes onesies!  I include a variety of sizes and prewash all the onesies in Dreft so that they are ready for crafting. 

I also include pre-cut applique shapes.  These have permanent adhesive on them so that they can simply be ironed onto onesies and require no sewing.  The picture below is some gender-neutral shapes I made for one of my customers.  Some of them are generic baby shapes, like a rubber duck or heart, but others are personalized for the new parents- like the Texas shape, lone star, and cowboy boot.  I try to work with my customers to make sure they have a personalized kit.   I can make any shape that looks good in a silhouette in a variety of fabrics to make a boy kit or girl kit as well.  

I also include 8 1/2" x 11" fabric sheets so that guests at the baby shower can design & cut their own adhesive shapes.  

Finally, I provide instructions on how to assemble the onesies, how to wash & care for them after they are made, and other project ideas to inspire guests.

As well as being a really fun activity for a baby shower, this is a great, inexpensive and custom way to stock a new baby's wardrobe with unique outfits.   

Would you like a custom baby shower craft kit to make your own onesies?  Check out this listing for a 10 guest baby shower craft kit or this listing for a 20 guest baby shower onesie making kit.  Convo or email me at if you'd like more information.  


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