Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rosie the Riveter onesie

Pin It I love making cute and unique onesies.  I decided this week as I was searching through vintage images that I wanted to do a line of onesies featuring vintage images.  So to start us out, I had to go with my favorite, Rosie the Riveter.

Isn't this fantastic?  It's my answer to all things princess-blech.  Here's what a real woman- I mean infant baby- should wear.  ;)   I'm selling this onesie in my Etsy shop for $10, but don't forget my blogger followers can get 10% off using the code BLOGGER10. 

Want to make one yourself?  Here's an inverted image for you.  To make one: copy the image, insert into a Microsoft Word document, resize (right click, format picture, size) to be as big as you want (mine is 5"), then print onto iron-on transfer sheet.  Follow your iron-on directions to apply to a onesie.  Mine require a water-free iron, set on the cotton setting, applied for 30 seconds, moving the iron back and forth.  Remember- We Can Do It!  (Let me know if you have questions, I'll try to help you out.)

By the way, the photo is inverted because you have to print backwards onto iron-on transfers, so that once you iron them on they will read correctly.  If you have an image you want to invert, open it in Picasa, then hit Ctrl-Shift-H and it will flip it for you.  Nice tip, eh?

I got this image from Flickr: The Commons, where you can get all sorts of amazing vintage images and photos.  Check it out.  :)

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  1. So cute! I love Rosie the Riveter. Thanks for sharing at I Made It! Monday. Can't wait to see what you link up this week.



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