Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rainbow Nursery

Pin It I realized the other day when I was thinking about getting "big girl" furniture for my daughter's room that I never posted on my blog perhaps my largest craft project ever- my daughter's nursery.  Obviously since she's now 2, this is a little past due, but to be fair I didn't actually do this until we moved into our house when she was 5 months old.  So it's only a year and a half overdue. 

Before she was born, my husband and I had decided that if we had a boy we'd make a fish-themed room, and if we had a girl it would be rainbow theme.  Neither of us are big fans of pink, and we knew that bright, stimulating colors were good for little ones.  (It also helped her learn her colors really quickly!)  She absolutely adores her room, so clearly this was a success.

So here is the first rainbow, over her crib.  This one is the largest.  To make these, I purchased paint samples of each color from the hardware store for a grand total of $16.  Along with a couple of 10 cent foam brushes, that was the entire cost of this mural.  Not bad, eh?  To have someone come in and do this would have cost hundreds, and even the wall decals are pretty steep in my opinion.  The rainbows are far from perfect, but I figured they'll be long gone by the time she can make a rainbow better than me.

This is the rainbow on the opposite wall.  It's a little smaller than the first.  There is also a third, half rainbow on the floor on the left side of this wall.  It is currently obscured by her laundry basket, although I keep planning to get one of those witches pots from Party City at Halloween time and spray paint it gold to put at the end of the smaller rainbow.  I figured she could fill it with her most prized posessions- her dolls and stuffed animals.

So how did I work this magic?  I took a pencil and a very long piece of yarn and made a compass.  I marked a spot in the center of the wall where I wanted the rainbow to be, then drew the top arch.  I moved the yarn 3-4 inches in each time to draw the remaining arches.  Then I freehand painted between the lines using a foam brush.  That's it!  I freehanded the clouds as well, which I painted last.  Most of the colors required two coats, although the lighter yellow and green required a bit more touch up.

Hope you enjoy!  I have lots of other rainbow projects, including her first birthday party and some of the other room decorations if you'd like to check them out.  Thanks for looking!

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  1. It looks fantastic! We love to use those paint samples too! Megan



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