Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Party Themed Water Bottles

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One of the cute trends I've noticed on some party blogs lately has been personalized water bottles.  These were incredibly easy to do for my daughter's pink and turquoise cupcake party, and they are super cheap.  I had all of the paper, so these really only cost me $1.88 for 12 water bottles.  I also bought a $5.00 wooden tray from AC Moore- $2.50 with a coupon- to put these on, which you can see below.  To make the water bottles, all I did was remove the wrapper from the water bottle, replace it with a 2" strip of paper, and add one of the cupcake topper embellishments I made.  This was probably the simplest, and definitely the quickest, craft I did for her birthday.  I may have to do these for all of my parties now.  They are just too cute. 

The tray I painted in a turquoise acrylic paint and then sprayed with satin finish so it was a little more glossy. I laid a piece of pink scrapbook paper inside as a liner, then lined up the water bottles on top.

Be sure to check out the cupcake toppers and the cupcake party invitations I made for my daughter's pink and turquoise cupcake party.  Stay tuned this week and next for more features from the party!

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  1. Those are adorable, I definitely want to try those for my daughter's birthday.

  2. Those turned out really cute! Definitely a good idea.

  3. Wow! Nice theme for water bottles. Such nice party theme. I admit that it is such a nice idea.



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