Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stuffed Owl Softie

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One of my new year's goals was to make more stuffed animals, like this dinosaur I made for my nephew a couple of months ago.

I found this pattern in a book called One Yard Wonders, which has a number of patterns that can be made from one yard of fabric.  There was also another pattern in this book for an elephant, which I decided to make for our friends' new baby.  Well, I wasn't crazy about the way it turned out.  First of all, I wanted to embroider eyes (which I'm not very good at) so I opted for closed eyes which was easier.  The pattern also has the elephant with pidgeon toes and very short limbs, which makes him sit with crossed legs.  To top it all off, I put his arms on upside down, which made them stand up straight in the air.  I didn't think it looked appropriate, so I sewed his arms together.  The result- a meditating elephant. 

My daughter fell in love with this (because it's pink) and so I let her hold it and she promptly unsewed the hands (so it would be easier to play Ring Around the Rosie) and practically pulled off an ear.  After all my disappointments with this pattern, I decided I just couldn't give it away as a gift.  It was just too weird.  My daughter has now added it to her collection of toys to play Ring Around the Rosie with, so at least it's put to good use.

So I decided to bite the bullet and make an owl instead.  I've been obsessed with all the owls on Pinterest and particularly these bookends from Pottery Barn Kids. 

Owl Bookends

When I looked at them at the store I thought, "I could make something like this."  (I think that about a lot of the overpriced kids items there.)  So the other morning while my daughter was playing I drew a pattern on paper and then cut it out and sewed it up during naptime.  It's super simple and I was so excited that I would be able to share my pattern with all of you. 

So here it is!  You can download it by clicking HERE.  If you have any problems, let me know.  I can always email it to you directly. 

Directions to make Stuffed Owl Softie:
1. Print and cut out the pattern pieces on paper or cardstock.  The body will need to be cut on a folded piece of paper, or you can just cut out the one from the first page to use as a template.
2. Cut out two owl bases- one for the front and one for the back.  I used the same fabric, but you don't need to. 
3. Choose fabrics and iron Heat N Bond Lite onto all pieces except for the body of the owl.
4. Trace the remaining shapes (eyes, belly, wings, beak) onto the Heat N Bond paper and cut them out.
5. Peel the paper off the back of the pieces with Heat N Bond.
6. Take the front base of the owl and iron on the belly piece.  Sew across the top with a straight stitch.
7. Iron the two wings onto the front base and sew across the inside edge with a straight stitch.
8. Iron the two eyes onto the front base and sew around the edge.
9. Iron the two irises on top (I made my owl looking to the right) and sew around the edge.
10. Iron on the beak and sew around the edge.
11. Put the two owl body pieces together, right sides facing, and sew a 1/4" seam around the edges, leaving a 2 inch gap for stuffing. (I left my gap on the side next to a wing.)  Turn right side out.
12. Add fiber fill to stuff the owl.  (If you wanted to make it a bookend rather than a pillow, you could put something heavier in the bottom like a little bag of beans or rocks.)
13. Slip stitch the opening closed.  Congratulations!  You have a super cute owl softie!

While I am sooo happy with the way this turned out, I think the Heat N Bond is a little stiff, so it's not too cuddly.  It's better as a decoration than something to snuggle with.  I'm not sure if there is a way to improve this (ex. washing).  Any ideas?

If you make one of these, please send me photos or a link to your blog post!  I'd love to feature them on Binge Crafter!

Happy Crafting!

*UPDATE 5/5/12 - I am now selling these owl softies in my Etsy shop if you'd like to order one that is already completed. 
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  1. OMG! Those are so cute. I love the owl bookends, but they are all fabulous.

  2. I love your owl!!! I am having a "night owl" birthday party for my daughter and I think that it would make a great addition. I will send you the link when I'm done:-)
    Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I love it!! I would love it if you would share it at our sharing party at Thank you!!

  4. I love your owl!! Extra extra cute! Would love it if you would stop by and share this at my linky party going on right now :)

    Have a great week!!

  5. I can't wait to make this for my granddaughter's first birthday! They are having an owl theme and this will be perfect! I hope I can do it justice!Thank you for sharing!

  6. These look just like something I've seen at Pottery Barn! What a cute owl! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Sooo cute and adorable! I am going to try one for my daughter. Thanks for sharing!

  8. so cute!
    You should join me for Handmade 52

  9. i am having trouble downloading...can you email it to me??
    SO CUTE :)

  10. I found you on Tip Junkie! I would like to invite you to share this post with our readers for Fun Stuff Fridays.

  11. Those are just adorable! I love the dinosaur too! My son would really like it. Thanks for sharing! I'd be thrilled if you'd share here:

  12. So cute! My best friend just had a baby and she loves owls... guess I'll try making one for Arthur! I found you on Tatertots & Jello… I’m hosting a LOVE theme linky party. Would love it if you came by and linked up!

  13. I like this owl, is lovely, but... I'm trying to download the owl pattern from your page but I can not. You can send me via mail, please?
    Thank you very much

  14. Angela have your tried Steam A Seam instead of the Heat&Bond Lite. I am going to try it as it seems to be much softer and I use it for applique's in quits too. Just a thought. Will let u know as soon as I get it done.

  15. Angela,
    I'm having difficulties downloading the owl bookend template. can you please email it to me



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