Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fondue Feast!

Pin It One of our favorite date restaurants is The Melting Pot.  My hubby brought me there for our first Valentine's Day as a couple and we generally go back each year either for Valentine's Day or our anniversary.  We always get cheese & chocolate- generally the Cheddar Beer and the Oreo topped chocolate.  Deeeelicious! 

So a couple of years ago, we decided to try to make some at home.  My brother gave us a fondue pot one year as a Christmas gift, so every year since we've had a Fondue Feast to celebrate the New Year.  We start about 8 pm on New Year's Eve.  Cooking helps to keep me awake since I tend to be an early bird.  We also like that we can experiment a bit more, especially with dippers. 

I am a hit or miss cook.  Everything I make either ends up terrific or terrible.  Last year, I messed up the cheese fondue but the chocolate was great.  This year, it was the other way around. 

I was soooo proud of this cheese fondue.  I used gruyere and emmentaler, which are a bit sharp in my opinion, but I really liked it anyway.  We enjoyed this with bread and granny smith apples.  Here is the recipe I used, which I definitely recommend.

This is the hot mess of a recipe for chocolate fondue from Ghirardelli.  I actually found the recipe on the Martha Stewart website, but I guess it's an ad there, because this is definitely NOT a good thing.  The recipe called for a TON of milk and so it ended up being almost entirely liquid, even after I tried to save it adding a ton more chocolate.  Don't get me wrong, this tasted fine, but basically it's drinking chocolate.  That's exactly how I enjoyed it the next few days- I added it to milk and drank it like hot chocolate.  It was definitely NOT fondue.  We tried to enjoy this with gingerbread man marshmallows (left over from our Hot Cocoa Bar), cinnamon sugar graham crackers, strawberries, an oreo brownie, and (what actually went best) rice krispie treats.  So, I definitely do not recommend this recipe.  Unless you just want to make hot chocolate. 

Do you fondue?  I'd love to know what your favorite recipes & dippers are!

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  2. serious yum going on here.

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