Thursday, January 12, 2012

Apple Dumplings

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If you aren't on Pinterest yet, you should be.  If you are, please follow me- I'll follow you back!  I loooove Pinterest and spend WAY too much time on there, but it's just such a fantastic source of inspiration. 

So that's where I found this recipe for Apple Dumplings.  I love apple recipes, but this one really got me because it's made with Mountain Dew!  That was just too weird to me, so I had to try it.  The link I found was from Or So She Says, but she found the recipe from The Pioneer Woman.  It's not her original recipe either, she found it in a collection of recipes her mom had saved.  I would love to know who originally came up with the idea of using Mountain Dew in this recipe, though.  It doesn't taste like Mountain Dew when it's done, I'm just still fascinated with using it as an ingredient. 

So this is my first new recipe for the New Year, and it is phenomenal!  You really don't need all the sugar this recipe calls for, so I'd probably cut back on that if I made this again because it is REALLY sweet.  I definitely recommend stopping over at one of these ladies' blogs and trying it out yourself.  It's a keeper.  In the words of my husband, it's what apple pie should taste like.

I think next week I'll try to make something a little healthier....


  1. Who woulda thunk?! I bet the first person to try make this was partway through a recipe when she realized she didn't have all the ingredients. So she grabbed the can of MD she had in the fridge in a hail Mary attempt to save the recipe without having to run out to the store and was thrilled when it worked out.

  2. I have made these and they are yummy, but I only used 1/2 c. sugar! Delish!

  3. yum!!! These look amazing! I would love it if you have the time, if you could link these up to my blog this week.

  4. these look terrific and super tasty! please link them to Foodie Friday Hope to see you there!

  5. These look amazing! My favorite part is the ice cream on the side:)



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