Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blog Vacation!

Pin It Hey all!  I'll be taking a blog vacation for a week while I shift my focus towards fall (and most importantly Halloween!).  I've been working on a lot of great projects, but I want to take a little time to get them all perfect and written up well so I won't be posting or linking this week.  See you next week!

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bookmark Card

Pin It One of my crafty neighbors taught me how to make this super cute bookmark card the other day.  I used some of the same wave paper I used for my unusual engagement card, which I just loooooove.  It's one of my favorite scrapbook papers of all time, I think.  I decided to go with an ocean theme since this was a congratulations card for my BFF Sara and Sara is an ocean girl.  (Plus the crab stamp was so cute!  How could I resist?)

When you slide off the front of the card, it becomes a corner bookmark, as you can see below.  It also reveals the message underneath.  Cute!
I find myself doing a lot of monochromatic projects, but very rarely do I use more than 2 shades of the same color.  With this card, I got brave and used 4!  But I think it still works in spite of all the different blues.  What do you think? 

Want the project directions?  You can find them here.  Search for "corner bookmark", then click on "Corner Bookmark Video Tutorial."  Let me know if you make one too!

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Layout

Pin It I'm catching up on the scrapbook folks!  Thank you SOOOOO much for all of your advice.  It's helping and now I'm only 6 months behind (much better than a year).  :)  So I had to stop my quick layouts and scraplifting to make a special layout for some pictures of my daughter's birthday party.  I bust out the Simply Charmed cartridge which I just adore.  I also used ALL SCRAPS for this layout!  I had a bunch of scraps left over from my daughter's birthday card, and I wanted to use the same papers to make the layouts for her party pictures.  I still need to do one more matching layout, but for now, here's what I've got. 

Yeah, there is a LOT of color going on.  Here are some closeups.

The title, party hats, and balloons were all cut out using the cricut and the Simply Charmed cartridge.  To make the background, I used 2" long strips of different papers and glued them all to a white background sheet (the ones that come in the page protectors that I never seem to use.)  It was an idea I got from a scrapbooking book I borrowed from the library.  I thought it was a great way to kind of make your own background paper and use up some of my scraps.  I also used a glitter pen on some of the die cuts, which I picked up last time I was at Archivers.  It adds a nice subtle glitter and perked up some of the plain cardstock.  Hope you enjoy!

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Pin It I absolutely love seeing other people's scrapbooking creations.  I love looking at blogs, reading magazines and books, and searching for other great ideas.  When it comes to making my own layouts, though, I generally wait for some sort of inspiration before beginning.  I may borrow others' techniques or ideas, but I very rarely scraplift.  Why?  I never have the right size pictures!!  I almost always print up pictures in 4x6 and often they are already closeups, so I don't have room to crop them down.  But with my recent scrapblock (like Writer's Block) and being so far behind scrapbooking, I decided I needed to limit the time I spent scrapbooking and do some SCRAPLIFTING!

So here is my first scraplifted page.  I had these cute pictures of my daughter sleeping (loved the one of just her feet) and wanted to put together a single 12x12 page for them.  Using a bunch of my cute K&Company die cuts, I made this:

Here was my original inspiration, from Creating Keepsakes Magazine (Sept 2009).

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Easy Apple Tree Applique

Pin It I absolutely love making cute tee shirts for my daughter- tie dye, fabric paint, appliqué, you name it! For my Someday Crafts tutorial, I decided to do an early fall project- an apple tree appliqué!

For this project you’ll need:
-An iron and ironing board
-A t-shirt
-Brown and green fabric, prewashed and ironed
-Apple tree template (download here)
-Red buttons
-Embroidery thread and needle

Let’s begin!
1. Print the template and cut out the shapes. Cut two pieces of HeatnBond approximately the size of the templates.

2. Iron the pieces of HeatnBond onto the fabric using the silk setting for just a few seconds.

3. Cut out the pieces of fabric and trace the templates onto the HeatnBond. Then cut out the pieces of fabric.

4. At this point I like to lay things out on the shirt just to see how cute it’s going to look!

5. Peel the paper off the back of the pieces of fabric. Lay them on to the t-shirt.

6. Iron the fabric onto the t-shirt.

7. Using your embroidery thread, sew a running stitch around the edges of the appliqué and sew on the buttons.

Ta-da!  You’ve got a cute apple tree appliqué shirt just perfect for fall and apple picking!  Happy Crafting!

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chicken Piccata

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I've eaten chicken piccata in restaurants before and really enjoyed it, but had never thought to try it on my own.  (Especially since I would be the only person in my house who would like it!)  But I was in need of a new recipe the other day and had a bunch of lemons, so I bust out Giada de Laurentiis's "Everyday Italian" cookbook and whipped this one out. 

It was FANTASTIC!  It was also surprisingly easy.  I was so impressed that I had actually made something that tasted as good as a restaurant.  I would definitely recommend this for a special occasion, because it tastes as if you slaved away making it, but I was actually able to do it with my daughter around. 

Anyway, don't worry about having to find the cookbook.  The recipe is online here.  Why do we buy cookbooks anymore??  Let me know if you try it & like it! 

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bloom Layout

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As I've mentioned before, I have an (almost) 18 month old, and I made this layout for pictures of her from A YEAR AGO!  Can you believe how far behind I am already?!  My hubby always tells me I'll never be able to keep it up when we have a second kid, but I thought I'd be able to keep it up at least with the first!  As a typical binge crafter, though, I get distracted.  I see something else cute somewhere and think, "I want to try that!" and end up neglecting poor baby's scrapbook.  I keep telling myself I'm going to just throw some pages together and just get all her pictures in an album, but I just can't do it!  I end up looking for an easy embellishment and get swept up into hours of crafting just to end up with one page that holds 3 pictures! 

But.... I really like this page.  I made this using the cricut and the Simply Charmed cartridge, which I adore.  It's just perfect for a little girl's album.  I realize from the photo I should have done more to make the title stand out, but overall I was happy with the paper selection and my daughter even helped me cut out the flowers.  (That it, she watched the cricut with fascination, then proceeded to tear apart my craft room.)

Any advice on how to catch up?  I sure would appreciate it!!  :)
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Monday, August 1, 2011

Apple Tree Applique- Guest Post on Someday Crafts!

Pin It I am so excited to have my first guest post courtesy of Michelle at Someday Crafts!  If you aren't already following Someday Crafts, you should be!  It is one of my absolute favorite blogs to visit.  Michelle always features fantastic projects and has the most creative ideas.  Please stop by today and check out my project, an apple tree applique t-shirt for fall. 

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