Friday, February 25, 2011

Baby's New Thank You Card

Pin It Just before my daughter was born I made a bunch of baby thank you cards based on a simple pattern that I had found in a book I borrowed from the library.  Remember this?

When I got my New Arrival Cricut cartridge, I changed the design slightly, as you saw in this layout:

So now that she's a year old, I designed a new card to send out to everyone who sent her a birthday gift.  I used the New Arrival cartridge for the crawling baby & diaper, which I accessorized with a hairstyle more like my daughter's (she has TONS of hair).  I used the Stretch Your Imagination cartridge for the present.  Most of the patterned paper is from the American Girl paper pack.  Much more 1 year old, don't you think?  Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Art Museum Layout

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During my daughter's first trip to an art museum, I took a number of pictures I thought were really funny of her looking at art.  I decided to make these into an art museum layout, and I wanted to actually make the layout look sort of like an art museum. So I made little signs I printed on cardstock (ex. "The Gallery is Open") and I made frames and title cards for each of the photos of my daughter. 
I had too many pictures for just a 2 page layout, so each side opens where the ribbon is to reveal more photos inside.  I did this by using 4 sheets of plain white cardstock.  Sometimes the clear pockets I use in my scrapbook come with plain white cardstock in them, and I thought this was a perfect way to use it. I measured about a third of the way from the edge of each page and glued the 2 pieces of cardstock together. I used the ribbon to hide the seam.  This is the right side of the layout when opened:

This is the left side opened.  To make it look more like an art museum, I found silhouettes of people on google images and cut them out using black cardstock.  These are meant to be the people looking at the gallery of pictures of my daughter.

I used some recycled materials for this project.  I used the information guide from the art museum to cut out the letters "ART" using the Sans Serif cartridge.  I also used the bag from the gift shop to make the title on the left front of the layout.  I thought this was a fun way to use memorabilia from the trip. 
To really make the art museum "look", my hubby and I came up with funny, baby-related names for the art pieces.  Some examples are below.

What would you name baby art?  Leave a comment with your clever titles.  While you're at it, check out the Abstract Art Title Generator at Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Little Punk

Pin It Do you remember this cute onesie I made last year for my daughter?  It was one of my favorites, so the first time she wore it I took LOTS of pictures. 
Which I naturally made into a layout for her scrapbook.  I had this great punk paper that was girly with skulls & crossbones and just happened to be pink and blue to match the onesie. 
I also used some embroidery thread and did some hand stitching on each side of the layout to add some interest.  (The felt flowers are from a make-your-own cards set I got in the $1 section at Target.)

Here is a closeup of the mini-card I made to hide my journaling.  I don't like my handwriting, so I don't like to use it on layouts, but I did want her to have some examples of it in her scrapbook.
I used the New Arrival cartridge to cut out the onesie from this cute pink pixelated paper that I wanted to use on the layout, but it is a little hard to look at in large quantities.  I love these pages because I love the mix of girly and punk.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day: Mommy & Baby's First Craft Together!

Pin It Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope everyone had a wonderful day.  While I didn't get to do a ton to celebrate, my daughter and I made a lovely valentine for my hubby.  It was our first craft together!  I got the idea from a Family Fun magazine I saw one day when we brought my daughter to the local bounce place.  (Which is great, by the way. They have comfy chairs, tv's, and magazines for the parents while the kids run around.  Since my daughter is only 1, my hubby was playing with her while I was taking a break and reading Family Fun.  Great hubby, right?)  Here is the link to the article in Family Fun:

So I knew that I wanted to use the fingerprint heart idea for our valentine, the problem was the ink.  I made my heart first and realized the ink didn't wash off quite as well as I wanted it to (I didn't want my daughter having inky hands since she still sticks them in her mouth all the time), so I looked up online what kind of ink people use with babies for footprints, etc.  I called Michaels to see if they had any "washable, non-toxic, kid-friendly" ink and they said they did.  I went and got some and let me tell you, it was WORSE!  So she ended up with a pink finger anyway.  But the valentine turned out super cute. 

For dessert, I decided to go simple since I only had afternoon naptime to get it together and my daughter wasn't feeling well.  We had some leftover mini-oreos, melting chocolate, pretzels, and mashmallows (from a previous fondue feast) and my husband had liked the chocolate covered oreos so much he'd suggested I make more. So I dipped all the mini oreos and a bunch of pretzels, I made a "U" out of marshmallow, and then poured the leftover chocolate into a heart-shaped cookie cutter and added some crushed oreo crumbles to the top of the heart.  So here was my husband's dessert plate. 

Aren't the flowers fantastic?  We got those delivered this afternoon from my hubby.  I can smell the lilies two rooms away.  Aah...definitely what heaven smells like!

Anyway, hubby liked the valentine and dessert, as well as our favorite recipe for homemade mac & cheese, which I'll share another time, and baby and I loved our flowers.  :)  Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Birthday Party Decorations

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My daughter's first birthday party was rainbow themed, just like her bedroom. Two of my BFFs, Sara and Kathy, travelled down to see me to help me decorate for and celebrate the big day. To decorate, we relocated, reused, and made lots of items. You've seen her birthday card ( and her bib ( already. We also decorated using the tissue paper flowers that I used to have hanging in her room before we moved (  The BFFs hung them up from the chandelier and Sara took this picture.
Ooh pretty!

We also relocated her paper lantern "curtain" from her room.  (Picture also by Sara)
 We cut ribbon confetti.  (Picture also by Sara- she's so artsy!)
 We made rainbow jello (and plan to put baby to play in the sink with the leftovers!).
 And finally we made rainbow present mini-cakes!
We picked up some rainbow colored balloons from the party store and voila!  As my BFF Sara said, it looked like a rainbow threw up.


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