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2012 Resolutions & A New Year's GIVEAWAY!- CLOSED!

Pin It 2011 has been a great year for me in the crafting/blogging world, and I'm excited to start 2012 with some new fresh ideas.  Here are some of my crafting & blogging New Years Resolutions.

Crafting Resolutions

*Learn to make soap

*Make more stuffed animals

*Learn to crochet

*Maybe try to sell things I made at a craft fair or online

*Continue to meet up with neighbors to learn & share new crafts

*Continue to make new friends and find new inspiration online

*Make a new craft area

*Make more birthday & Christmas presents for family & friends

*Do more Mommy & Me crafts now that my daughter is older and getting more into crafting

*Learn to cook new recipes (I'd love to do one a week, but I'm only going to commit to once a month to start)

Blogging Resolutions

*Expand my social media presence, particularly Facebook

*Host more giveaways

*Make an "advertising" page and look into additional advertising

*Update my other pages (my crafts, favorite sites)

*Clean up the look of my site

*Double my hits and followers

*Make a blog business card

*Maybe get a domain name

*Continue to learn more about blogging

*Have guest bloggers

*Have more themed weeks (a week about inspiration & organization, a week about using up craft scraps, etc.)

I'm really interested in knowing what your crafting or blogging resolutions are for 2012.  So to get an early jump on one of my resolutions, I'm going to host a surprise giveaway!  Here's the deal, all you have to do is be a follower and leave me a comment on this post telling me one of your New Year's Resolutions for crafting or blogging.  On January 1st I'll pick a winner and send you a surprise gift.  Make sure I have a way to contact you.  Can't wait to hear from you!!

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  2. Good luck with your resolutions!!
    I have a few crafting New Year's resolutions:
    ** make cards for every occasion I need a card for
    ** finish my scrapbook from my trip to Israel from 2010
    ** Get my cake decorating business up and running
    ** make at least 1 layout/card/cake every week and post it to my blog within 2 days of finishing

  3. My main crafting resolutions are to finish scrapbooking 2011 by November and to use my Silhouette more.

    My blog resolution is to improve my site's look.

  4. Wow you sure have a lot of goals!

    My resolutions for this year are have a few more giveaways.
    Post at least 2 times a week
    Try new techniques

  5. Just one? Okay, well one of my crafting resolutions is to keep my WIPs at a maximum of 5. I have a bad habit of starting a project but not finishing it. I end up with a ton of UFOs lying around and never finish anything. This year I want to actually finish what I start before starting something new.

  6. Hmm a blogging resolution - well I would love to get more hits, and while I don't want to depersonalize my site, I would love to have more tutorials and educational links to spice it up a bit! I want to keep it my family oriented but share more of what we are finding to learn and do!

  7. I get to move my craft area to a real room so one of my resolutions is to organize my craft stuff so I can craft more :)

  8. I resolve to do more with the vintage/grunge technique, to use in scrapbooking and perhaps some configurations boxes--need to learn to take advantage of several Tim Holtz products I bought during his 12 Tags of Christmas!

  9. atiggerscraps@yahoo.comDecember 28, 2011 at 7:47 PM

    I would love to be able to finish all my unfinished craft projects this coming year, and start a new one and finish an old one, in less that one month's time. Hope everyone has great success with their goals. Happy Crafting in 2012

  10. my new years resolution is to go thru my craft stuff and pick an item each day. with that item, make a card, a page,or a gift

  11. In 2012 I resolve to make more crafting time so that I can scrapbook! My grandchildren (5 yr old and 18 months) and I still have all of their pics in boxes. I also vow to become a more intelligent crafter by watching tutorials, following more blogs and doing more hands-on experimenting. Now if I could just win the lottery, this wouldn't be hard at all!

  12. I am redoing a spare bedroom for my craft room so my resolution is to get it finished, organized and do more crafting. Especially to learn how to use my Cricuts more efficiently.

  13. My Angela, you have a wonderful blog and you have been so productive!

    Resolutions: Use more of my stash than in the past year; Have Xmas cards ready by Thanksgiving; attend scrappin' retreat. That should do it for me.

  14. I forgot to include my e mail address in my post above about redoing my craft room and doing more crafting.

  15. Happy New Year! I resolve not to lose my resolve this year! So far as crafting goes, I resolve to create an organized and orderly workspace. I resolve to create enough cards to supply my personal needs and enough cards and other crafts for me to sell some online and at at least one major local craft show in 2012. I also resolve to make at least 75% of my Christmas gifts for 2012 and to begin that process in *January* :-)

    Sandy Vos, aka MomToEli, aka Prudentia

  16. my New Years resolutions are:

    1. Clean and organize my scrap space.

    2. Scrapbook more!

    3. Not procrastinate till the last minute during craft show season.

    4. Exercise more and cut back on sweets.

    Cheryl D.

  17. Happy New Year!
    My resolution is to finally get my crafting business off the ground and really delve into learning more about my cutting machine!!
    Another one is to make a lot of gifts this year!
    I too, want to learn to knit/crochet!

    colella.jodi at gmail dot com

  18. My resolutions are to try and use the craft supplies i already have and not buy anymore cartridges till i use the ones i have.
    Ann W

  19. This one is not hard. My resolution is to get a job. I have been out of work for nearly a year now and its been a hard road. I also want to learn more techniques with my Scrapbooking and Chipboard book making! Luck to us all with our resolutions!

  20. My resolution is to get my craft room organized. Also to start walking 3 days a week and hopefully work up to more but just being realistic here.

  21. Just to get organized...ok, ok, to do more crafts, cards, add pictures to the scrapbook pages that I have done (from the local scrapbook store classes), use the materials that I have and probably buy more... and if I lose a few pounds in the process, well that's just a bonus!

  22. My crafting resolution is to stop "getting organizied" and just make something! My other resolution is to retire (after 30+ years teaching special ed) and move to a warmer climate. All in 2012? I hope so!!

  23. I need to continuously do scrapbook pages for my grandson so I am not *crashing* to get it done when he graduates in 2013. Also I need to keep up with pages and things happen for my grandgirls twins so when they graduate in 7 years I am not panicing. Rosie

  24. My resolution this year is to make more cards for our troops and our Wounded Warriors. Also more for people in nursing homes and children in the hospital! I also need to get more organized!

  25. That has always been a hard one for me cause most the time I can never keep them. This year I must try harder. I have started 3 recipe books for my kids, I want to finish those this year. That is my main one. Blogging is to get back into it. I have neglected my blog for sometime now, time to get it going again. Thats it, I can never do more than that or they never get accomplished.
    angel hugs

  26. My New Years Resolution is to finish the quilt tops I have stacked up waiting for filling, backs and binding, not start any new projects until current ones are completed to my satisfaction, make more one of a kind items to sell! Paula

  27. My New Years Resolution is to finish the quilt tops I have stacked up waiting for filling, backs and binding, not start any new projects until current ones are completed to my satisfaction, make more one of a kind items to sell! Paula

  28. My resolution is to make my craft room a room I can work in, and use up my stash of craft supplies.

  29. My resolution is to organize my craft room and make more craft and try a new craft.

  30. my new year's is to spend mor time with my dear friend that has cancer. . And lose weight to.. the clean up my sewing and craft room will be a little at a time. Happy New Year every one.. Lani

  31. Finish my daughter's preschool "first day of school" layout that I started back then ... she's now in the 5th grade!

    Attempt the 365 day project, or at least 52 weeks to capture the daily life with the family

    Find a teaching job

    Get our house on the market (and sold) so we can move towards living on the fabulous farm

    Get back to scrapbooking (since I'm now done with my Masters!!!!)

  32. my resolution for 2012 is
    to work towards better self esteem and positive thoughts regarding myself.

    To not just gather craft ideas and materials but to also use and implament them into works of art.

    I am hoping that by working on those 2I will have a more positive attitude towards finding employment, losing weight and gaining a happier life.

  33. well for me it would be to try more thing with my silhouette machine - learn inkscape and mostly actually give my cards to my friends and family - I am very, may be too, critical of my work and think I need more practice ;-) Happy New Year to you ALLLLLL

  34. well for me it would be to try more thing with my silhouette machine - learn inkscape and mostly actually give my cards to my friends and family - I am very, may be too, critical of my work and think I need more practice ;-) Happy New Year to you ALLLLLL

    sorry forgot to put my email

  35. Good luck with your resolutions. It is that time of year isn't it? I hope to finish atleast 2 pages a week, finish 3 albums I have in progress, teach atleast 12 bonus classes to my scrapbook customers, and make more cards. oh, and USE UP PAPER!!

  36. I don't have that many goals for crafty just yet, but a couple at the top of the list:
    to paint my old metal bread box and then write "bread" on the top part and "goodies" on the bottom part. The other thing I have on my list is to make a rustic welcome sign for a ledge by our front door. I even have the wood for it, just got to do it! Thanks for the incentive to get a move on and get my craft on! =0)
    cooperkelly4@yahoo dot com

  37. I'm working on my resolutions as well. My biggies for crafting:
    1-Get it organized
    2-Get website going
    3-Blog more
    4-do at least 3 craft fairs
    Good luck to us all!

  38. Hi, My two new years resolutions are to quit smokeing so i have more time for crafts, and to make as much handmade party stuff as possible ,not store bought for each of my kids birthdays!

  39. Goals -- I refuse to call them "resolutions" --
    1. Get my craft room finally organized - at least until I buy more "stuff!"
    2. Finish unmounting my wood mounted stamps
    3. Finish a couple of scrapbooks I have started
    4. Get caught up on scrapping my grandchildren!
    5. Use the products I own
    6. Create a stack of sympathy and Thank You cards to be able to use "quickly"
    7. Work on Christmas cards throughout the year instead of trying to get them all done in November!
    8. Create a bunch of WOW cards to sell

  40. Crafting Resolutions

    Clean and organize my craft room so I can work AND keep the door open when company comes.
    Scrap 2011 before the end of 2012 and keep 2012 up to date.
    Create a 12 days of Christmas album for my Church’s Bizarre Auction
    Create a scrap book for each of my two grown daughters from their childhoods

    Personal Resolutions
    Teach my daughter to cook and eat healthier
    Keep my car cleaned out
    Sing every day
    Dance more
    Clean out my closet and get rid of half

  41. I have organization and follow through resolutions for 2012 lol.
    1: Finish a project before starting a new one.. This is easier said than done with the cute things out there!
    2. Organize my craft table/storage.
    3. Organize my craft table/storage.
    4. Organize my craft table/storage.
    (maybe having it 3 times will help me successfully complete it!)
    5. Blog more often.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share!


  42. I like to pick a simple concept which will make me happier. I've heard said there are many opportunities to be right or to be happy. Looking forward to just making happier choices in 2012.

  43. I am hoping to get my craft room organized and for it to stay organized. And to get rid of things that I don't plan on using. If I get that done I will be happy. I'm a new follower.
    annadowdy at gmail dot com

  44. Best wishes for all your new years resolutions! That is a long list, but definitely can be accomplished!
    My crafting resolutions for 2012 is to organize my craft room. I started making hair bows from home a couple years ago and just recently started selling online. I have stuff EVERYWHERE! lol. So that is my main goal, ORGANIZATION. My second would be to advertise more.

    Thanks for the opportunity for all of us to share and best of luck to the winner!

    Monica Lopez

  45. My goals (not resolutions) are:

    1) craft more. Not just for my business but myself and family.

    2) inventory my stuff. I always either buy a duplicate or think I have not bought something (which could be a good thing.

    3) use more coupons and discounts. I started this year, and got excited when I saved $20.00 on grocery trip. I will not go extreme. Only buy what I use and not because there is a coupon for it.

    4) volunteer more.

    5) Organize.

    6) be kind to myself, including choose words of affirmation and getting rid of extremely toxic people.

  46. We just moved and I am going to unpack and organize everything. Being organized has been a challenge for me in the past. So I am very determined to put everything I unpack into it's permanent home.

  47. Good luck on your resolutions, they were all really good ones. Mine is going to be to use the files I've been collecting, finish 2 Harley Rides scrapbooks, and to finish the projects that I have started and not finished. Thanks for the chance to win some new stuff! Janet

  48. Hello Angela,

    I am sure glad you made me think about this. Now to apply them, that's the task!

    -Organize my home and purge, purge, purge
    -Vow not to buy more than one item at a time, even if it's on sale
    -File my taxes on time, no extention this year.
    -Use my beloved craft supplies
    -Make more gifts this year for birthdays and Christmas
    -Learn to Quilt and use my new to me sewing machine

  49. My resolution is to make more crafty things,and use my 'machine' more.
    Also to make more cards for the animal charity to sell..

  50. My resolutions for the new year:
    ....learn more techniques
    ....learn more on my Silhouette
    ....learn to digital scrapbook
    ....learn to use my DSLR to it's full potential
    ....share my new learned knowledge with others

  51. Mine is simple since I don't make them but I really want to use more in my craft room and spend less

  52. I have one...get and KEEP my scraproom organized!

  53. My new years resolution is to make more time for me to do all the craft/sewing projects I'd like to do. To take time to make all the ideas in my head for my Silhouette machine and really learn how to use it. Work on my Facebook business page and possibly start a blog.

  54. My goal is to start my Christmas Cards in January instead of waiting to November. But, need to clean the craft room first.

  55. Hi!
    This is a neat idea. My goals for 2012 when it comes to crafting, in addition to the usual lose weight, save money, pay down bills, exercise more are:
    - Build a stash of premade cards to have on hand
    - Add new dishes to family meals, try new things
    - Put a lot of stitches into a big cross stitch piece I've had for years to work on
    - Actually make a scrap book this year for my family (I have all the stuff, years of pictures and no albums :(
    - Spend more time with friends and family
    - Do better at updating my blog.

  56. I don't usually make New Year resolutions but I'm going to give it a shot for 2012.

    - Make a "shape book" mini album
    - Use what I have on hand vs. buying more stuff
    - reorganize my craft space
    - organize my genealogical research into binders
    - start blogging again


  57. Crafting Resolutions:

    1. Get more scrapbooking done
    2. Clean out my stash
    3. Give away my older items to charity

    Personal Resolutions:

    1. Organize more family events/gatherings
    2. Organize my closets and have a garage sale
    3. Lose weight

  58. Great resolutions. I have two scrapping ones for 2012 - for every new picture scrapped to scrap an old one, for every new paper or embellie used to use one from my stash. Hope to make a dent in what I already have without denying myself the ability to buy some new stuff.

  59. Happy New Year
    Get my pictures out of the computer.
    learn to work in stained glass
    actually send some of the many cards I make.

  60. Became an email follower of yours...
    My crafty resolution is to organize my craft area and do something crafty every day for at least a half hour.

  61. My resolution is to make lots of Christmas cards so I'll have them all done waaaay before Christmas!

  62. My resolution is to finish cleaning out a large closet to create my dream craft room, which was derailed by my heart attack this year. I have so many ideas, and so little room!!

  63. Sorry- forgot to leave my email!

    Have a great New Year!!

  64. My resolution is to get my 2011 pic a day scrapbook completed and to stay on track with my 2012 pic a day book. I also resolve to get my daughter's scrapbook started before we have another child and I fall even further behind!!

  65. My resolution will be to finish all projects that i start (even if i get side track, which is often) once i start to finish to the end......

  66. Mine are pretty simple.
    *I want to finish organizing my craftroom from its move. I still have boxes to unpack but I want everything in its place when I put it away. :)
    *I want to do 2 layouts/4 cards per week, hopefully wont have to rush to do the ones I need when someone passes away like I did this year. We had 3 deaths within a few weeks and I had to rush to make the card
    *not buy anymore supplies until I have used up some of my stash. I have so much stuff.
    *not buy anymore cricut cartridges until I learn to use my machine better and the ones I have.


    I am a new follower, I thought I was an old one but apparently I wasn'

  67. I need to clean up my craft room and organize my house.

  68. My crafting resolution is to finish my wedding album. I did my parents in a few short weeks because I had a Christmas deadline but mine has already taken a few months.

  69. I'm a follower. My goal this year is to use more color in my home crafts. I always go soooo neutral, but I love color so I'm going to force myself to do it.

  70. I'm a follower, and I'd just like to sew something!

  71. What fun! I'm a new follower and look forward to seeing lots of creative posts from you!

    a couple of my Blogging resolutions are...
    1. post more receipes that I've tried
    2. have more giveaways
    3. look into more advertising/sponsoring opportunites

  72. My resolution: to start on next year's handmade Christmas projects NOW. A handmade advent calendar and reusable gift tags are at the top of the list.

  73. My New Year's resolutions....

    - Work on making my Christmas cards all year instead of a week before Christmas.

    - Get more of the scrapbooks finished

    - Try to get at least half of the UFO's (quilting) finished.

    - Don't start anymore quilting projects unless I take them through to the finish.

    - Make things to sell in the Quilting store.

    - Get my torch set up so I can get back to my Lampwork

    - Get the slab poured so that I can get a SPA in 2013.

    Blogging....a separate site did Not work well for me, I forget to update I'll continue to use Facebook to update my quilting, sewing, card making and scrapbooking accomplishments.

  74. I have never really done the resolution thing. So here goes:
    -Get closer to God
    -knit & crochet more
    -sell things I make
    -scrapbook more and make cards again
    -remember to send cards
    -learn Spanish
    -drop a few pounds
    -do more crafts w/my kids
    -grow a vegetable garden to be proud of
    I think that about sums up what I want out of the year. I hope I can actually accomplish some of these.

  75. My crafting resolutions are, to be more organized, pace myself a little better when making Operation Write Home cards, and personal craft items. To stagger my crafted Christmas gift making throughout the year, instead of waiting till a month before Christmas to even get started. I also want to work more on scrapbooking more, especially my grad-sons' school scrap books.

  76. My craft resolution list is huge... To the point where I think there may still be stuff on it for next new years resolution but a few things on it are...
    Get organized better
    Make things further ahead of time instead of as we're going out the door to the birthday party or other event
    Blog more
    Learn to take better pictures

    And lots more....
    Darla darlamcc at eastlink dot ca

  77. New follower by email :)

    My New Years Resolution is to get my craft room organized can never find what I'm looking for!

  78. sorry forgot to leave a way for you to contact,

  79. I would like to sell more of my bracelets, work on my scrapbook, crochet more

  80. I resolve to be more productive with my crafting in 2012 and NOT letting birthdays and anniversaries pass me by without sending something! Happy New Year everyone!

  81. I resolve to improve my photography, to look for joy in my everyday, and to let myself be less intimidated in my crafting.



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