Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pottery Barn Kids Knockoff Felt Donuts

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A couple of weeks ago we spent some time playing at Pottery Barn Kids.  Yes, I regularly take my kid to stores to play.  :)  Pottery Barn Kids is one of those stores that I adore, but would be very unlikely to ever purchase anything from because I think it's crazy overpriced.  Case in point:
Four felt donuts for $19!  (Sorry I don't have a better picture, they're not for sale online even though they're in the store.)

So naturally I decided to make my own.  Total cost- less than $1.  I already had tons of embroidery thread I could use to make the sprinkles and sew the felt, as well as some leftover stuffing after making my dinosaur, so I just picked up some pieces of felt on sale at JoAnne's for 25 cents apiece.  After making four donuts I still have plenty of felt left over other projects. 

There was a little bit of a learning curve to this.  The first pattern I made looked proportional on paper, but didn't look as well once it was sewn.  (That's the one on the top.)  The others looked a little bit better, so I'm keeping the second pattern. 
I used this tutorial from Escape Artist and this one from LisaJHoney and adapted them to make the donuts look more like the ones from Pottery Barn Kids. 

So these are going in the Christmas gift pile for my daughter who is getting some other play food as well.  Since she loves bringing us pretend snacks to eat, I'm sure she'll love these.  Think I should make the PBKids cupcakes too?  They look a little more involved, but I bet I can make them for a lot less than the $24 they cost!

Now that I've made some felt food, I'm totally excited to try to make some more.  I'm thinking of making burgers or pizza as well.  What do you suggest?
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  1. These are cute!! We do not have a PB kids- but it's probably a good thing...

  2. This is just too cute. I'd probably be craving donuts all the time if I made them. lol.



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