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My First Guest Blogger - "Primitive Ghosts" by Melanie at Bear Rabbit Bear

Pin It Hi, everyone! I'm Melanie from bear rabbit bear. First I want to say a great big "Thanks!!" to Angela for letting me guest post on her blog today. I'm still relatively new to blogging (I've been blogging for less than a year), and I've met so many nice and talented bloggers like Angela who have made this a fun experience. If you've never visited my blog, I hope you will stop by. I feature different projects throughout the week, and I have a link party on Thursdays. My specialty is finding things around the house and repurposing them for decor or other projects, like the one today. But enough about all that, let's get to the project!!

I love crafts that are inexpensive, easy, and fast. This project is all three! I recently saw a very similar decoration in a craft store for $26.99!! Talk about saving money by DIY! Today I'll be sharing the basics of crafting a "Primitive Ghost" to use for your Halloween decor. You can customize the ghost any way you want to at the end, so it leaves alot of options for personalization.

Supplies Needed:

  • Fitted sheet (I used a cream color, off-white one for a more primitive, worn look)
  • Scissor
  • Stack of newspaper
  • Packing tape

Step One: Prepare the sheet

Lay out your fitted sheet on the floor so that you can find the middle of the sheet easily. If you are making a large ghost and want to use the entire sheet, skip to Step Four. If you are making 2 smaller ghosts, go ahead to Step Two. 

Step Two: Prepare the sheet, cont.

Have your little helper pick up the sheet and model as a ghost. :)

Step Three: Prepare the sheet, cont.

Lay the sheet back on the floor and cut it in half down the middle.

Step Four: Prepare the sheet, cont.

Cut the elastic pieces off of each corner of the sheet. Set these aside for later. 

Step Five: Make the head

Take your newspapers and roll them up into a big ball. Do each newspaper sheet individually, wrapping one around the ball, then another, etc. Make a big ball of newspapers large enough for the size head that you want for your ghost.

Step Six: Make the head, cont.

Use the packing tape to secure the newspaper ball. I wrapped packing tape around pretty much the entire piece. This serves to purposes: the tape secures the newspaper, but it also helps shape the ball into a head shape. Use the tape to round out the newspaper into the head shape that you want.

Step Seven: Assemble the ghost

Place the rounded newspaper head in the center of the sheet section. Pull the sheet around the head to make a ghost shape. 

Step Eight: Assemble the ghost, cont.

Use the elastic pieces that you cut off the sheet earlier as ties around the neck.

From here, let your creative juices take over. You can paint a face on the ghost if you choose- Or let your kids do it!  You can add various lengths of cut up fabric to make the ghost fuller or colorful. 

Tips for displaying the ghost:

You can hang or display the ghost in whatever manner you choose. Think indoor and outdoor use! I made two and am using them as front porch décor. I used structures already on the porch to prop up the ghosts. 
Here are some other options:
  • ·         Hang your ghost using small hooks. Attach a small piece of wire to the back of the ghost on the elastic ties to hang on the hook. This will look neat over a table or fireplace where you already have Halloween decorations.
  • ·         Make a stand. This can be as elaborate or as simple as you want. Something as quick as a 2x4 (cut to the height you want) nailed into a flat piece of wood can serve as a quick stand to attach and drape the ghost on so that he appears free-standing.

Enjoy your inexpensive, easy primitive ghost!


So cute!  I love the idea of using them on the end of the porch.  What a fun way to greet Halloween guests.  Thank you so much Melanie for volunteering to be my first Guest Blogger!  I can't wait to return the favor with my Halloween feature on Bear Rabbit Bear next week.

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  1. Angela, I saw that you won the E2 from the Cricut Blog. Congrats! I thought I recognized your name and sure enough, I follow your blog so I tracked you down here...

    Have fun with it! I can't wait to see what you do with your newest toy!!

  2. Thanks!!! Can't believe you saw and recognized me. That makes me feel famous. ;) I can't wait to share what I do make.

  3. Wow, you won the E2??? Congrats!
    Love the ghosts Melanie! Great instructions and what a way to save money!!!



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