Sunday, September 18, 2011

Halloween A-La-Martha

Pin It NO ONE does Halloween like Martha Stewart.  I am not a paid endorser of Martha Stewart.  I wish I was!  I love her products and her ideas.   Her craft team blog is definitely one of my favorites to visit.  I would love to have their craft shop to work in every day and get paid for it!  But these people have WAY more talent than I do. 

But I digress.  Martha Stewart loves Halloween and I love watching what she and her team put together for Halloween each year.  Did you see the episode with Jimmy Fallon?  Funny stuff. 
So here are some of my favorites of her ideas.  If you haven't visited her Halloween Central, you definitely should.  Hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

Ghost in the Mirror

Pumpkin Balloon Pop

Ghoulish Lamps

Scary Silhouette Curtains

Mirror Mirror

Scary Hand Bowl

Ice Face & Hands Punch

Haunted House Cake

Haunted Halloween Village

What are your favorite Martha Stewart Halloween ideas?

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