Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bloom Layout

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As I've mentioned before, I have an (almost) 18 month old, and I made this layout for pictures of her from A YEAR AGO!  Can you believe how far behind I am already?!  My hubby always tells me I'll never be able to keep it up when we have a second kid, but I thought I'd be able to keep it up at least with the first!  As a typical binge crafter, though, I get distracted.  I see something else cute somewhere and think, "I want to try that!" and end up neglecting poor baby's scrapbook.  I keep telling myself I'm going to just throw some pages together and just get all her pictures in an album, but I just can't do it!  I end up looking for an easy embellishment and get swept up into hours of crafting just to end up with one page that holds 3 pictures! 

But.... I really like this page.  I made this using the cricut and the Simply Charmed cartridge, which I adore.  It's just perfect for a little girl's album.  I realize from the photo I should have done more to make the title stand out, but overall I was happy with the paper selection and my daughter even helped me cut out the flowers.  (That it, she watched the cricut with fascination, then proceeded to tear apart my craft room.)

Any advice on how to catch up?  I sure would appreciate it!!  :)
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  1. I have the same problem with my albums, I always get behind on scrapping all the holidays & vacations. I've found a few things that help:

    1. Pick one photo from each important event and do a layout with just that photo & journalling from the event. Then, if & when you have the inspiration/time, go back and scrap the rest of your photos in additional layouts. That way, if you never get around to it, the holiday isn't skipped.

    2. I like to keep a decorative envelope in the back of my albums for any unused inspirations [like cards, photos that never made it onto layouts, etc.] so it still goes with the album even if I never found time to put it on a page.

    3. I've found that participating in layout challenges help me focus & get pages done that I otherwise had no ideas for. One of my favorites is: because they provide you with a color combination as well as some other inspiration. I then use that to look back through photos I have/things I want to scrap & pick something that works.

    4. Lastly, I keep a Microsoft One Note file where I plan out my albums. It doesn't take long to add squares & small amounts of journalling that you don't want to forget. You can also drag & drop photos & inspiration into it, and it auto saves all the time. That way, even if I get WAY behind, I don't forget what I wanted to include. Especially the journalling.

    I hope I've helped you out some!

  2. LOVE your LO! It's just so stinkin' cute!!! Great colors and the cutest flowers...gotta love Simply Charmed! As far as catching idea! I've never done a first year album for my daughter and she's turned 7 in May!!

  3. Really cute layout ! I just bought Simply Charmed this week and am looking forward to using it. As for trying to catch up...I'm doing 9 grand child albums plus my own family scrapbooks. Like you, I am somewhat behind at the moment. I have just had a lot of my photos printed so I can sit down and scrap them without having to sort through photos on my computer and print them's so easy to get distracted and even more behind when I have to do that. I am hoping that will help !

  4. Love your layout. The flowers are beautiful.

  5. I am a teacher, so I paper craft for my students most of the year and scrapbook during the summer. I just got caught up!

    Here are some things I do. When I have a little time, I organize my photos into folders. There is a folder for each year. Within that folder, I create another folder for each event. Each folder has a number and name,,,example: 7 company BBQ.

    Another tip is to keep a word document to date and record journaling thoughts in order to remember that your child lost his first tooth eating a biscuit.. If you print your journaling, copy / paste from this file.

    I select from four to eight photos per event for either a single or double page spread. I edit my photos to center, crop, etc before printing. That way the
    physical cropping is reduced to save time. I have a Cricut file saved which contains mats for the common sizes of photos,

    I let the colors and layers of papers compliment the photos and do most of the decorating. The Cricut is great for border designs, titles, and envelopes. It made my scrapping go so much faster this year!



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