Sunday, June 12, 2011

A few birthday cards

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June is a huge month for birthdays in my family. That, along with Father's Day, has had me busy making cards! Two of my sisters and one of my nieces all have birthdays this month, so these are the cards I made for them.

I used the cricut and the Simply Charmed cartridge to make the balloons on the card above.  I've been working on making "kits" for myself with papers that go well together.  I love the pre-made kits for scrapbooking that you can buy and it makes it SO much easier to begin a project.  I feel like sometimes I spend so much time just picking out paper and embellishments that I don't get around to making anything with them!  I've read that after you finish a scrapbook layout you should keep all of you scraps together as a card-making kit, so I've been putting coordinating papers into 2 gallon ziploc bags I got from the dollar store.  The nice thing is that I can just grab one of these and bring it downstairs to work on while baby is happily playing with her toys.  I may have to find a container to keep my most-used tools in as well so that it's easier to craft on the go.  Now that my 16 month old can sit still and practice using a buckle for 20 minutes at a time, I figured I could at least put a couple of those minutes to good use.  Card making, along with my new card kits, seem to be a great option for something I can start and stop with minimal mess.  Any ideas for other crafts that can be done between book reading and rough housing with a little one? 

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  1. What great cards! You should check out the cards from the blog hop I did for Jillian's twelfth birthday!

  2. Really cute bday cards!!! Love the colors you use!

  3. Super cute cards and I love the idea of keeping coordinating scraps in Ziploc bags. I may have to try that one!

    Popped over from Someday Crafts.

  4. I am so not creative when it comes to stuff like this, but I really wish I was. I am going to have to go through my scrapbook paper and see if I have some cute paper like you that I could make these cards with!!! I am a new follower. Check out my blog and follow back if you're interested



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