Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Die Cut Technique 3- Layering

Pin It The third technique of my week-long Embellishing Die Cuts event is a technique to add depth and dimension to your die cuts.

Most cricut cuts, unless they're an accessory (like my poor, sad turkey), have several layers available to cut. You can usually cut a shadow, a base, and a top layer. Some cartridges have even more.  Here is an example from Simply Charmed, which has seven layers. 

However, you can always cut additional layers and trim accent pieces yourself. One of the "trends" I'm seeing a lot of now is 3 dimensional layering. Cut out the same thing 2 or 3 times and layer using foam tape like this. Doesn't this look much better? 

If you're into hybrid scrapbooking or cardmaking and like to use your computer, you could always scan your finished layered project, print it out, then layer your original on top as well.  This would have the same look as many of the layered stickers you can purchase now.

Another option for the cuts that don't have multiple layers is to cut the same cut at slightly different sizes for a layered effect, or to cut it multiple times in the same size, but different papers, and create your own layers. 

Paper choice is REALLY important, though, and I'm finding myself spending much more time with this.  When I was working on my Day at the Park layout, I started out with white shadows because that is what I typically used, but ended up choosing to make them green.  While a neutral can make something pop, the green was a much better look for the layout since there wasn't any other white on it.
However, when I got to layering the purple trees, I had to decide whether to stick with the green shadow to keep the shadows consistent, or to go with a matching color.  I preferred the purple, what do you think?

Another thing to remember about layering is that you don't always need to use just the cricut cuts.  I accented the middle of the flowers on the trees above using some small bling, which I preferred to using the additional cut layer. 

Do you have a project you've done with multiple layers?  Link it up below!


  1. Very pretty die cut flowers. I really like the layering.

  2. Love your trees! My layering is on the square on the sides...the shamrocks are layered.



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