Saturday, May 7, 2011

Colorful Shade Garden - Without Flowers!

Pin It When we moved into our house last summer, we had problems with the sod growing up against the back of our house.  We had it replaced once, but the new stuff died as well, leaving ugly dead patches of sod across the back of the house.  With my dad in town, I finally had some extra hands to help me tackle this project.  Back in a former life, I used to work at a greenhouse in the summer and used to spend a lot of time helping others design shade gardens.  However, I had one little problem....

My husband is allergic to bees. 

So I promised him that I wouldn't plant anything flowering.  This made for an interesting challenge- a colorful shade garden without flowers.  Now I know, two of the plants I used actually flower a little, but I planned on cutting off the hosta flowers anyway since I don't like them.  So here is my colorful foliage garden.  Enjoy!


  1. Very cute! It's always such a challenge to find plants that do well in total shade.

    I'm wrapping up this week's Best in Show post and realized that you don't have any votes, even from yourself, so I'm double checking that you saw my nomination message :)

  2. Beautiful! Great choices. I agree about the Hosta flowers. We had those in Virginia Beach.

  3. I just love your colorful shade garden! Sorry to hear your husband is allergic to bees.



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