Friday, April 29, 2011

Not So Extreme Couponing

Pin It In honor of the new TLC show Extreme Couponing, I decided it was time to better organize my coupons.   My coupons were organized into 2 groups- food/services and groceries.  They looked something like this.
Not exactly organized.  More like shoved in an envelope and dropped in a pile.  This system wasn't working out for me at all because I was constantly forgetting what coupons I had and not having them with me when I needed them.  So I started with the grocery coupons and made this:

I had a bunch of black and white paper and ribbon left from making my wedding album, so I decided I'd put it to good use with this project.  I started out cutting and scoring plain manila folders.

until I had this:

Then I made four more of these as well as a cover.  I covered them with decorative paper and hole punched them (breaking my sad little hole punch during the process.  Don't worry, I upgraded!) then used ribbon to tie it all together.

 I printed out a bunch of labels for the cover and the pockets based on how I wanted to divide my coupons.

I trimmed them down and inked the edges and this was my finished product.

 Well, I didn't save 98% on my grocery trip, but I did save a bundle!

With my store card, it ended up being over $30, so I was pretty proud!  It was fun to be able to double up store coupons with manufacturers coupons and get a couple of things for only a few cents.  And despite the fact that I had less than 20 coupons, I did freak out the cash register and had to have the manager key everything in.   I certainly won't be extreme couponing anytime soon, but at least I'm saving a bit here and there.  More left over to replace broken hole punchers.  :)   How are you organizing your coupons?   Leave me a comment or a link so I can check out your projects!


  1. I really need to get into couponing... :)

  2. With all my food issues, I can't really coupon food, but I do use them for razors, paper products, etc...

    I like how you organized your stash!

    If you have a moment today, please share this with my readers @Creative Juice Thursday Hope to see yours among all the amazing projects!

  3. Great job on your coupon file! I just have a boring plastic coupon wallet from the Dollar section at Target, but it does the trick! Isn't saving money fun? :)

  4. I've been looking for a better way to organize my coupons too (right now, they're all jumbled about in a giant tin). I hadn't considered making my own. Thanks! :)



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