Sunday, April 10, 2011

$18.99 carts at Joann's!

Pin It This week's ad came in the paper today & I saw there were some Cricut cartridges at Joann's regularly priced at $89.99 on sale for $18.99!  The ones in the ad were New Arrival (one of my favorites!) and Opposites Attract although it said "selected cartridges" available.  It was noon when I put my daughter down for a nap and got a chance to read the paper, so I was SURE there would be tons of people there and no cartridges.  I left my daughter napping with my husband and rushed over.  But I was wrong!  I asked at the front and they said they had three available- New Arrival, Opposites Attract, and Simply Charmed.  Since I already had New Arrival and didn't want another font, I asked to see Simply Charmed, which is simply charming!  Check out the cuteness:

So I was totally worried and disappointed when it rang up at $45!  But the cashier overrode it and now I am happily back home having made amazingly cute stuff during the rest of my daughter's nap which I'll take pics of and share later.  So if you're in the market for one of these carts, head out to Joann's today!  I can't promise they'll give you Simply Charmed since my store may have made an error, but I definitely recommend New Arrival.  See some of the projects I've made with it here.


  1. I'm stopping by with some happy news for you! Your blog has been nominated for the Best in Show award on my site!
    Be sure to come vote when you get a chance and GOOD LUCK :)

    Oh, 1 more thing! Your tulip border looks gorgeous!

  2. I love Simply's a great cartridge!
    Cute name for your blog!

  3. Thanks, glad I found your blog. I became a new follower.



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