Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day: Mommy & Baby's First Craft Together!

Pin It Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope everyone had a wonderful day.  While I didn't get to do a ton to celebrate, my daughter and I made a lovely valentine for my hubby.  It was our first craft together!  I got the idea from a Family Fun magazine I saw one day when we brought my daughter to the local bounce place.  (Which is great, by the way. They have comfy chairs, tv's, and magazines for the parents while the kids run around.  Since my daughter is only 1, my hubby was playing with her while I was taking a break and reading Family Fun.  Great hubby, right?)  Here is the link to the article in Family Fun:

So I knew that I wanted to use the fingerprint heart idea for our valentine, the problem was the ink.  I made my heart first and realized the ink didn't wash off quite as well as I wanted it to (I didn't want my daughter having inky hands since she still sticks them in her mouth all the time), so I looked up online what kind of ink people use with babies for footprints, etc.  I called Michaels to see if they had any "washable, non-toxic, kid-friendly" ink and they said they did.  I went and got some and let me tell you, it was WORSE!  So she ended up with a pink finger anyway.  But the valentine turned out super cute. 

For dessert, I decided to go simple since I only had afternoon naptime to get it together and my daughter wasn't feeling well.  We had some leftover mini-oreos, melting chocolate, pretzels, and mashmallows (from a previous fondue feast) and my husband had liked the chocolate covered oreos so much he'd suggested I make more. So I dipped all the mini oreos and a bunch of pretzels, I made a "U" out of marshmallow, and then poured the leftover chocolate into a heart-shaped cookie cutter and added some crushed oreo crumbles to the top of the heart.  So here was my husband's dessert plate. 

Aren't the flowers fantastic?  We got those delivered this afternoon from my hubby.  I can smell the lilies two rooms away.  Aah...definitely what heaven smells like!

Anyway, hubby liked the valentine and dessert, as well as our favorite recipe for homemade mac & cheese, which I'll share another time, and baby and I loved our flowers.  :)  Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. How sweet... love the fingerprint heart idea..




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