Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Header!

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I decided to update my header again. The new one was designed by my BFF Sara.  What do you think?  This is the old one:

While I think the old one has a better representation of the variety of some of the projects I've made, I prefer the look of the new one- the space between the photos and the colors.  I've also updated the design of my site slightly - I tried to make the colors more consistent and improve the fonts, etc.  My next goal is to build a blog "button". 

If you want to learn how to make a photo header for your blog, see my previous post ( with the tutorial link.


  1. I have given you the Stylish Blog Award!

    This is an award for awesome people with awesome blogs! Once you receive this, if you do not mind passing it on to 7 more newer blogs or blogs that have a smaller number of followers. Its a great way for the new blogs to be noticed. And on your page, list 7 things about yourself.

    Please link me to your page at Aquamarine Dreaming and hopefully you will become a follower of my blog ;) Which I just started a week ago!

    Thanks so much- you can get the award at my site :)

  2. Very nice! Clean and simple....easy to see what it is you do.



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