Sunday, February 27, 2011

How to Link Up

Pin It I am totally obsessed with Link Ups!  I've seen these on blogs before, but (silly me!) actually thought the blogger had researched and found all of these projects.  What is a Link Up?  Check out this example where I posted my Strawberry Hairbow.  I'm number 546.  :)  (  I've run across several blogs where I've found Link Ups, like this amazing list of Link Ups from Childmade (  What a great way for crafters to share projects!  I plan on doing more research into how to host a Link Up on my blog, but in the meantime I thought this might help out all of you bloggers out there.  In case you don't know, here's how a Link Up works:

*A Link Up is set up on a blog for a set period of time (usually a few days) during which time anyone who goes to the blog can post links to their current projects.

*To link your recent project, go down to the bottom of the post.  It usually says "Add Your Link" or something to that effect. 

*When you click on "Add Your Link" you are given windows to include your URL (blog address- use the specific link for your project, not your entire blog), Name (name of your project- not your name. Yup, I made this mistake too), and your email (which will not be shown on the blog, just shown to the blogger).

*After you enter this information you will be brought to a separate screen where you can choose a thumbnail picture from your blog post to use as your link.

*There is one more important step!  Usually each Link Up will have a button (small square picture) that you can include on your blog to show that you took part in a Link Up.  (See the ones on my page called "Featured On".)  It's only fair to put this link on your blog since they allowed you free advertising to participate in the Link Up on their blog.  Under the button it usually has crazy HTML code.  So how do you put this button on your blog?  Here are the directions for Blogger.

-Log into blogger and go to "Design".
-Decide where you'd like to put your button and click on "Add a gadget".
-Go down on the list of gadgets and click on "HTML/JavaScript".
-Enter a title (such as "Featured On") and then paste the HTML code from below the blogger's Link Up button. 
-If you want a separate page like I have, go to "Posting", then "Edit Pages", "New Page", then the "Edit HTML" tab and paste the code in there. You can go back to the "Compose" tab to write around the buttons.

That's it!  It's so easy and quick to do!  If I didn't make this clear and you have questions, leave a comment and I'll try my best to help you out!  I hope you'll use these links to add your projects to Link Ups as well.  I really think this is a spectacular way to share ideas with other bloggers and get some blog traffic yourself.


  1. Thanks for sharing this tip. I've participated in a couple of link up parties and was wondering how to host one myself. Thanks for explaining the new page method also.

  2. Thanks for the information. I never knew how to link up.



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