Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Birthday Party Decorations

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My daughter's first birthday party was rainbow themed, just like her bedroom. Two of my BFFs, Sara and Kathy, travelled down to see me to help me decorate for and celebrate the big day. To decorate, we relocated, reused, and made lots of items. You've seen her birthday card ( and her bib ( already. We also decorated using the tissue paper flowers that I used to have hanging in her room before we moved (  The BFFs hung them up from the chandelier and Sara took this picture.
Ooh pretty!

We also relocated her paper lantern "curtain" from her room.  (Picture also by Sara)
 We cut ribbon confetti.  (Picture also by Sara- she's so artsy!)
 We made rainbow jello (and plan to put baby to play in the sink with the leftovers!).
 And finally we made rainbow present mini-cakes!
We picked up some rainbow colored balloons from the party store and voila!  As my BFF Sara said, it looked like a rainbow threw up.

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