Saturday, February 19, 2011

Art Museum Layout

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During my daughter's first trip to an art museum, I took a number of pictures I thought were really funny of her looking at art.  I decided to make these into an art museum layout, and I wanted to actually make the layout look sort of like an art museum. So I made little signs I printed on cardstock (ex. "The Gallery is Open") and I made frames and title cards for each of the photos of my daughter. 
I had too many pictures for just a 2 page layout, so each side opens where the ribbon is to reveal more photos inside.  I did this by using 4 sheets of plain white cardstock.  Sometimes the clear pockets I use in my scrapbook come with plain white cardstock in them, and I thought this was a perfect way to use it. I measured about a third of the way from the edge of each page and glued the 2 pieces of cardstock together. I used the ribbon to hide the seam.  This is the right side of the layout when opened:

This is the left side opened.  To make it look more like an art museum, I found silhouettes of people on google images and cut them out using black cardstock.  These are meant to be the people looking at the gallery of pictures of my daughter.

I used some recycled materials for this project.  I used the information guide from the art museum to cut out the letters "ART" using the Sans Serif cartridge.  I also used the bag from the gift shop to make the title on the left front of the layout.  I thought this was a fun way to use memorabilia from the trip. 
To really make the art museum "look", my hubby and I came up with funny, baby-related names for the art pieces.  Some examples are below.

What would you name baby art?  Leave a comment with your clever titles.  While you're at it, check out the Abstract Art Title Generator at Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Nice layout, I love the style you used. thanks for sharing.



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