Monday, January 31, 2011

My First Tutorial - Basic Hairbow

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For my first tutorial I decided to do a new hairbow I made based on some pictures I'd seen online.  I prefer alligator hairclips for my daughter since they're the easiest to put in and they stay in relatively well.  These are the ones I used, but you can get similar ones at any craft or beauty supply store.
First, cut a 3/8" ribbon to 7 inches long.
 Using a hot glue gun, cover the alligator clip.
I like to cover the inside of the clip, although I've seen many people who do not cover the bottom completely.  I'm not sure if this helps hold them better or not.  I'll have to experiment.
 Then using another ribbon (this one is 5/8") cut a length 4 inches long
 and another 3 inches long.
Fold the ribbon in half to make a crease, then run a line of glue down the crease on the back side of the ribbon.
 Fold each side down so the edges of the ribbon are glued down.

 Do the same for the 3 inch piece of ribbon until you have two pieces that look like this.
 Place the smaller ribbon on top of the larger one with both glued sides facing down.
 If you'd like at this stage you can use another alligator clip to pinch the ribbons together.
 Cut another piece of ribbon 1 1/2" long
Then cut the ribbon in half.  (You may want to use something to stop the ribbon from fraying or use a thinner ribbon for the middle of the bow.)
 Glue the shorter piece around the middle to hold the bow together.
 Finally attach the bow to the covered alligator clip with a spot of glue.
 Ta da!  All done!

As this is my first tutorial, I'd love to have feedback.  Was this clear enough?  Anything that should be improved?  I'd also love to put up pictures or links to other blogs if you tried this tutorial and it worked for you.  Thanks!


  1. Your tutorial is perfect!
    I have a bunch of clips I bought to glue pre-made bows on for my Granddaughter. Now, thanks to you, I can make my own bows.

  2. This looks so easy and fun! I gotta try this. Thanks for the tutorial. :)



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