Wednesday, June 23, 2010


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I found some great stamps at Michaels the other day for $1 apiece. I decided I needed to do something with all of my scrap paper since my file crate is getting full, so I made this using all scrap paper and my new stamps. I've been experimenting with some different techniques that I've learned recently. The first is inking the edges of the paper to add some depth. You can see I inked the edges of the blue cardstock behind the flower and behind the word "happiness". I also used multiple colors of ink to stamp the word "happiness", both a light pink and light purple. I've been trying to find ways to add depth and make plain colored cardstock a bit more interesting. That's why I also used my swirl stamps and light purple ink to stamp swirls on the light purple background. I also used a corner punch to round the corners of the light purple cardstock, which I think makes it a little softer and breaks up all the harsh lines. Any thoughts?

More Birthday Wishes

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Here's a birthday card I made for my other sister. I liked how the card was broken up, especially with the three cupcakes on the bottom, but I'm not so sure about all the pink on the top. I probably should have pulled more of the bottom colors into the top. But I thought it came out pretty cute. The cupcake stickers are from a sheet of 12 I got at Target for 99 cents. Good deal! :)


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