Friday, January 22, 2010

Tie Dye Part 2

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This is the last of my tie dyed onesies. I dyed this one to match a Next Style iron-on applique that I bought from Michaels a while ago. I was thrilled because the dyes from the Tulip tie dye kit I used matched perfectly. Should we call this hippie punk?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tie Dye Part 1

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Here are a few of my first tie dye onesies. I plan on further decorating some others, so I'm not adding those yet. But here are the first five!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Apple Hat!

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This was my first attempt at knitting something three dimensional, therefore my first experience using double pointed needles. I watched some online tutorial videos and first attempted this about three evenings ago. The first time I tried, I got to the edge of the rolled brim before realizing that not only had I inadvertently added 4 stitches, I was also losing my stitches off the back end of the needles. So I ripped it all out and started over and finished most of it in two evenings. Tonight I added the stem and leaf and I'm loving it!
By the way, the pattern that I used was online at

Hair Clip Holder & More Hairclips!

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So I decided today I would make some more hair clips and a holder for them. Her room theme is rainbow, and I found this little wooden rainbow at Michaels for about 50 cents. I hot glued some ribbons to the back and hung it right by her changing table. Then I made a few more hair clips to clip on. I'm trying to use colors she has in her wardrobe, but some of the ribbons are just so cute that I don't really care if they match.

I've been getting some ideas for these from a site I found online that teaches step-by-step how to make a ton of different clips. The site is It's very helpful!

Engagement Card

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I made this card for my uncle & his new fiancee. It looks a lot better in real life than it does in the scanned picture. The swirls on the front are velvetty and the stickers are actually silver, not black like they look. But overall I thought it looked really nice.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hair Clips!

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Despite the fact that I was bald for almost the entire first year of my life (though you wouldn't know it by looking at my crazy thick hair), I've decided to make hair clips for my baby. I bought some clips and used ribbon, a button, and a hot glue gun to make this! I think next time I'll probably try sewing the ribbon and button, but for my first attempt, I thought this was kind of cute and it was super easy.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Origami Mobile

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My next idea to decorate her room was to use rainbow colored origami paper to make a mobile. I bought some rainbow colored origami paper and a wooden embroidery hoop to hang them from. I used colorful embroidery floss for the strings.
I made a bunch of practice origami shapes to see what I liked the most. I had decided on doing origami paper cranes until I found the "flapping bird" which was much easier to make. This was the tutorial I used:
I painted the wooden embroidery hoop and sewed a piece of purple material into a strip to cover the outside. After making all of the cranes, I sewed through them from bottom to top, making knots in the floss where I wanted them to hang. I then tied them onto the embroidery hoop, and tied additional string on top to hang the mobile. Then I used my hot glue gun to attach the material to the outside. Voila! A mobile for about $5 that is colorful and looks pretty cute. I might make some more to hang from the shelf above her "changing table" (actually a built in desk- more apartment improvisation!)

Tissue Paper Flowers

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Originally we planned to decorate my daughter's room with a rainbow theme. I planned on painting rainbow murals on the walls. But we're still going to be in the apartment when she's born, so I've had to adapt. My first idea was making tissue paper flowers. I hadn't done this since elementary school, so I looked up some ideas online.

I ended up making these out of 8 pieces of tissue paper each. I folded the stack of 8 papers accordian style, tied them in the middle with some ribbon, and trimmed the edges so they were decorative. I then used the ribbon ties to hang them on the wall with hooks. My husband calls them pompoms, which is probably more accurate since they are HUGE. But I think they look sort of cute hung up in the corner behind her crib.

Another spray painted onesie

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I made another spray painted onesie using the Tulip fabric spray paint and stencils I made from freezer paper. I didn't like the way it looked when it was pure white inside the hearts (especially since the stencil had leaked a little) so I sprayed over the whole thing with the light purple spraypaint, which I thought made it look a little like a vintage tee.

As a side note, I was a little disappointed that after I handwashed these onesies they still felt a little stiff and scratchy, which was not ideal for baby clothes and made me like it a bit less than regular tie dye. However, after washing and drying in the machine, they came out fine.

But I'm still planning to tie dye some onesies, crib sheets, and tees for myself next week. :)


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