Monday, November 16, 2009

It's Game Time!

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My husband is a big Gator fan. Whenever he's about to watch a game, he always asks, "What time is it?" The correct answer, of course, is, "It's Game Time!" So I made this onesie with a freezer paper stencil using a collegiate-style font I downloaded. I painted it with Tulip matte fabric paint in orange & blue- the Gator colors. What do you think?

You can see in the closeup that it's not as perfect as screen printing, but a WHOLE lot cheaper and fun! :)

Fabric Spray Painting!

Pin It Last week I used my 50% off coupon for Michaels to purchase the Tulip Fabric Spraypaint I've been interested in getting. I got a four pack of small bottles, originally priced $12.99 for $6.50. The four pack included light purple, dark purple, light pink, and dark pink. I've enjoyed doing tie dye before, but knew it was too big and messy a project to take on right now. I was actually pleasantly surprised with how these turned out and determined that fabric spray painting has several advantages to tie dyeing.

1- It's much cheaper.
2- It lasts longer. You don't have to purchase a ton of materials to dye all at once.
3- No soda ash or buckets required!
4- The paint doesn't stain your skin.

The first thing I did was cut a onesie out of cardboard to put inside so that the fabric paint didn't leak through from one side to the other. I decided I wanted to make a freezer paper stencil to use. I traced an outline of a cat on the freezer paper and cut it out with an exacto knife. I ironed the stencil (outside) to the baby onesie (just a couple of seconds, waxy side down). Then I put onesie on the cardboard cutout and put it on a plastic grocery bag in the tub (just in case I made a mess). I then used the dark pink spray to fill in the cat stencil, then peeled off the stencil to let it dry.

The next day I ironed the inside of the stencil over the cat I'd already painted (just to preseve the cat) and then misted on the other colors of paint. I pulled off the freezer paper after I was done. After I painted the front, I painted the back as well and hung it on a baby hanger to dry. This is the final product:

I absolutely love it! I think it's so cute. I decided to make a second onesie at the same time using the same colors. I wanted to use more of a tie dyeing technique, so I crumpled it up on a plastic bag and sprayed the colors in different areas. I turned it over to do the reverse side, then after a few minutes recrumpled to add more color. (I didn't want quite as much white showing through.) Here is this one:

This project was SO EASY. It was easy to make and easy to clean up (just throw away the plastic bags). I love projects that have great results in less than an hour!

I have to wait 72 hours before I can wash these, then wash them inside out. I hope they maintain most of the color and don't become too light. We'll see how they turn out Thursday.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Baby Thank You Cards

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I saw a paper cut stroller similar to this in a cardmaking book, so I tried to make my own twist on this. It's just a circle with 1/4 cut out, that I added trim to with my decorative edged scissors. I then added two small circles and a speech bubble I made with the cricut. Super easy and super cute! I've actually made this in other colors with slightly different ways of embellishing the stroller.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

First Days

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So I'm a little tiny bit crazy. My husband calls it "nesting". I'm making baby scrapbook pages for pictures that don't exist yet. This is the first page of the layout I'm making for some of her first baby pictures to go in. This way, I just cut down the pictures and paste them in. I figure that is about all I'll have time to do the first couple of weeks. I finished the other page tonight, but haven't taken a picture yet. I'll put up the other side of the layout once I take a picture.

Oh, by the way, my brother sent me a new cartridge for the Cricut for my birthday. It's the Sans Serif font.


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I finally finished knitting the blanket I was working on. I only used half the yarn required by the pattern, but I figured since it almost covered me, it was big enough! Next I think I might try a hat. I really want her to have a hat that looks like an ice cream sundae, but I think I'll try starting with an apple, since I've never knit a hat before.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Here is a Thanksgiving card I made. I thought it was pretty cute. I sent it to my grandma. :)


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So I decided to make a sign to hang on the door of my apartment complex for Halloween, so that kids would know we had candy. Unfortunately only 2 kids stopped and they were older kids. Boo.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Second ultrasound layout

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Here is the second layout I made for my daughter's scrapbook. I used the cricut and the George & Simple Shapes cartridge and the "Pocketful of Posies" paper stack I bought. Although I really liked the color scheme I used at the time with the mats and letters, since the colors matched the background, I realize it doesn't photograph very well because it sort of blends in. I did some journaling on this page, which I need to do more of. While I've always liked writing, I find that if I go back and read what I wrote, I seldom like it and often find it cheesy. But there were some important details about this trip I wanted her to know.


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