Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gift Card for Mom

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I had already bought my mom a birthday card, but since I'm sending her a gift card for her birthday, I wanted to make a greeting card to put it in. I knew I wanted a green base, since green is one of her favorite colors. Then I used the center strip for additional color inspiration. This paper was part of a really pretty paper pack I bought at JoAnn's the other day called "The Pocket Full of Posies Stack". I was originally going to use these just as background paper for my daughter's scrapbook, but they accidentally put three copies of this page in. I liked how well it went with some of my scrap paper. I cut the heart shapes and "Birthday Blessings" with my Cricut George & Basic Shapes cartridge. What do you think?

First Ultrasound Layout Complete!

Pin It I finished my layout for the pictures of our first ultrasound! Here it is:

Monday, October 26, 2009

First Scrapbook Layout

Pin It I finally finished my wedding scrapbook, so now I'm ready to start one for my daughter (coming February 2010)! So I'm gathering together things to make my first layout. I bought some pink and blue ribbon at Michael's for $1 each and used my sticker maker to make them sticky. I decided to use purple background paper I had left over from my wedding scrapbook materials as a background.

Next, I gathered together some scrap paper in two shades of pink and two shades of blue to try to match the ribbons.

Then I used the scrap paper (and a piece of origami paper) to cut out letters and flowers using the cricut and the George & Basic Shapes cartridge.
I dug out some other supplies I had that might go well. I already had some blue and purple sequins, purple ribbon, and blue and purple stickles. I had also found some cute little pregnancy stamps and four punches (swirl, flower, hand, foot) at Michaels' for $1 each, and some purple heart shaped brads, letter stamps, and pink hearts at JoAnn's for $1 each. (Can you tell I love the dollar bins?) Finally I found some old embroidery floss in matching colors and a glue pen.
I don't want to glue down my ultrasound pictures, so I decided that I would put them on mats and use ribbon in the corners to hold down the pictures. We'll see if this works. Unfortunately, I don't have enough scrap paper for matting, and I don't want them matted in white, so I might try to make my own colored paper.

Future Sewing Projects

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JoAnn's had McCall's patterns on sale for $.99 each and fabric quarters for $.79, so I got these to use for future baby sewing projects. What do you think? I won't use this kind of fabric for the clothes, unless it's for embellishments, but there were so many people at JoAnn's, I didn't want to wait around for fabric to be cut for the baby clothes patterns.

My new cricut!

Pin It I bought a cricut machine this weekend on sale at JoAnn's for $129. It comes with a cartride- George & Basic Shapes that I've been playing with for the past two days. Here is my new cricut!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Maternity Tee

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I really wanted to be able to make my own personalized tee shirts and onesies for the baby, but have struggled with a really good way to do this. I know I don't want to get into silk screening;Align Lefteven the kit one from the craft stores is more than I'm willing to spend on this. So this was my first attempt- iron on transfers. It sounded like such a great idea- you design what you want on the computer, reverse it, print it, and iron it on. This was my first attempt, however I was pretty disappointed in the results.

First of all, you can see the outline of the iron-on transfer, which I don't like. Secondly, from the very first wash (which I did inside out, according to directions) the transfer looked cracked. Overall, it's okay. I've bought tee shirts that have been similar, but this wasn't enough to inspire me to keep up with the iron-ons.

As a side note, I also tried fabric paint. I tried to make stencils using freezer paper, which I still think might be an option, but so far I've only practiced on scrap fabric. I'm a little nervous to ruin a onesie or tee shirt if the freezer paper stencil bleeds. Any ideas?


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I love looking at and taking pictures of roses. The best ones look so perfect that I just want to eat them. (I know that's weird.) Anyway, I got lucky one day and visited the rose garden when there was fresh dew on the flowers. They were perfect. The light pink closeup (bottom) is officially the best picture I've ever taken. I knew when I took it that it was going to be great, but I couldn't stop thinking it would make a great picture for a wedding invitation or something.


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Daylilies were one of the first things that I experimented photographing with the macro feature. I then cropped some of my pictures and framed them using Photoshop. I plan to someday hang these in my house. I think they are so pretty.

Bee Photography

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One of my other recent hobbies has been photography. I've found that the macro function on my camera is my favorite function, and I really like taking pictures of nature the best. You just can't beat some of the colors. Here are some of the pictures I've taken of bees.

Baby Onesies

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I had a bunch of baby onesies that I had planned on doing something cute with, and I went out and purchased a few more with my 40% off Michael's coupon one week. (Side note: Gerber onesies run very small! The 0-3 month ones look like newborn sized clothes.) To use up some of my cute quilting fabric that still hasn't made it to a quilt yet, I decided I'd make some applique onesies. I cut out a star and heart shape, cut out some flowers from some pink and blue fabric for a third, and finally made one using my leftover baby bib fabric that said "Moo!". I'm planning on a series of onesies after this last one that will say "Quack!", "Ribbit!", and "Oink!"

By the way, after I made these I found plain onesies with circular appliques in a baby boutique shop selling for between 20 and 30 dollars. They were just plain circles of cute fabric with a straight stitch around the edges. I thought mine were much cuter, and they only cost about 2-3 dollars to make.

Baby Applique Bib

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I watched an episode of Martha Stewart's live show during which I learned about the joys of fusible webbing in applique. She made baby onesies with silhouettes of her dogs, but I decided to make a Vermont-themed baby bib. Very fun and cute, and super cheap. In total, I think this cost me about $3 to make, and I made it in less than an hour. So cute!

My Second Quilt

Pin It The second quilt I made was to celebrate my dad's new move to a lakeside cabin. I decided this was a good opportunity to learn to applique. So I started with my typical graph paper design.

Then I appliqued the center panel.

Finally I finished sewing the top of the quilt. I made it very large, because I'm a tall person and my dad is even taller. It annoys me to no end when you can't both cuddle a blanket around your shoulders AND cover your feet. So the quilt was about 7 feet long.

I chose a thin, natural cotton filling that was supposed to be warm. I wanted it to be thin so I could easily sew it up with my favorite stitch- the zigzag.

Voila! It was finished. In all, this took me between a month and two months, which wasn't bad. The total number of hours I spent wasn't actually that bad, but I would go for days without working on it. I bet I could probably have made it in about 4 days of hard labor, had I had the inclination.

Dad enjoyed it and it joined the quilted pillow. If only they matched....

Quilted Pillowcase

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I really enjoy quilting. I enjoy designing quilts on graph paper and going to pick out material. I've even learned some quilting shortcuts. How many quilts have I made? Two. I made a baby quilt for my niece about 9 years ago. I started a couple of other unfinished quilts (which I still have all of the material for) and then decided it might be easier to quilt a pillow cover. I decided I wanted to make one that looked like stained glass for my dad, since he really likes stained glass. Here was the result. Kind of cute isn't it? This is just the right sized project for me, although it took a while to make the black strips. Then I learned you can buy bias tape. Never have seen it, but it's good to know it's out there.

Old Projects

Pin It My first posts are going to be some of my older projects. These are things I've proudly finished.


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